Culture hopper

November 23, 2006

Following on the previous post, I’ve been poking through Olaf Breuning’s videos. There’s a great cowboy song in his video Home with the refrain, “He’s a culture hopper…” and the phrase is stuck in my head now. It reminds me of one of my favorite photography books, Culture is Everywhere. The book is the brainchild of design historian Victor Margolin. In a filing cabinet of his Art History department office, University of Chicago circa 1988, Margolin founded the Museum of Corntemporary Art.

Margolin’s collecting was inspired by the chance discovery of a cheap Greek souvenir bottle in a gutter. He writes of the initial thoughts evoked by this small plastic object: “What was so intriguing was the quality of the aesthetic moves that produced it. The ouzo bottle revealed a sincere desire to embed the majesty of Greek culture in a form that that could circulate widely and reach people from all walks of life.” The Museum’s unique collection is photographed in memorable installations by Patty Carroll.  See below: an international comparison of souvenir hats (top image) and souvenir shoes (bottom image).




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