An everyday art

January 17, 2007


[Above image: Woman in Curlers, by Larry Sultan, from the series The Valley]

“To exercise the mimetic faculty is to practice an everyday art of appearance, an art that delights and maddens as it cultivates the insoluble paradox of the distinction between essence and appearance.” – Michael Taussig, Mimesis and Alterity.


[Above image: ipod clones from here, here, here and here. I love that people seem to find it entertaining to point out these examples and post their pictures.]


[Above image: A photorealist painting by Robert Bechtle, titled Alameda Gran Torino, from 1974. I saw this again in person recently and it’d grown in my mind. This series of his work is so undersung and only getting better with time.]


[Above image: From the installation/performance Tantamounter 24/7, by the artist collective Gelitin. The artists created a sealed compartment in the gallery, called the Tantamounter, into which they locked themselves for one week. Folks who came to the exhibition could put objects into the Tantamounter “machine” which would be “duplicated.” The image shows an original and a tantamounted mini-disco ball, picture by Bela Borsodi. More information here.]


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