Ze on interesting

January 20, 2007

“I get confidence that certain topics are interesting because they provoke anxiety in me, and the kind of notion is that there’s certain kinds of hotspots that unite us all… and maybe if you could just broaden it out to emotion generally, but for me anxiety is the most interesting.  If you can identify those spots in your personal daily interactions, you know, strange moments where you open the door and somebody doesn’t say thank you….  In all this kind of stuff there’s keys to this universality….”

[Ze Frank being interviewed by Debbie Millman on the Design Matters podcast, that excerpt is from around 11:02.]

This is a cool interview, if only because Ze is so open about his ideas and work. Millman interupts with a commercial break at the end of that quote, dammit. I want to know more about what he thinks the keys are.


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