Nugget brew

May 23, 2007

This is my favorite book right now:


I like to read it in the Starbucks in the Wendover Nugget Casino:


I find the little architectural setup interesting:


That partition wall between the casino zone and the Starbucks zone seems important – these two entities have strictly defined experiences. It may only be glass from the waist up, but I suspect it is there for a reason: both spaces are militant about their soundtracks. The volume in Starbucks almost always pisses me off, but I’ve never been to one where they’ll turn it down more than a wee notch because “the management says it needs to be on nine” or whatever, and I can’t even IMAGINE a casino without omnipresent slot machine blinging. More similarities than I expected.


2 Responses to “Nugget brew”

  1. matt mc Says:

    i like how they only have donuts at that starbucks. most ‘bucks that i have been to across this great land offer a variety of muffins, scones, and the like. but ye ol’ wendover/nugget starbucks only offers six or so different flavors of donuts and nothing else. i wonder if some deep psycho vibe study revealed that people gamble more when sugar buzzed?

    i miss it soooo much.

  2. […] May 30th, 2007 On that recent post about the delicate and nuanced relationship of the Wendover Nugget Casino and Starbucks, my former […]

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