The hair loft

May 25, 2007




Perhaps as the word loft implies, the ceiling here has not been ignored.


6 Responses to “The hair loft”

  1. matt mc Says:

    is this in wendover?!? how could i have missed this!

  2. nitsirk Says:

    yep, it’s next to the laundromat, on the utah side. it’s really disorienting on your first visit. i want to get my hair done just so i can hang out there.

  3. matt mc Says:

    or maybe your nails?

  4. matt mc Says:

    also: those walls are ‘barracks green’ ??
    that is the same color paint in the abandoned barracks and in ben’s furniture store.

  5. nitsirk Says:

    i actually thought the place was an amazing example of camouflage. both times i’ve stopped by, there was a client waiting on the couch with the hair dye in. but you couldn’t really see them until they said something, they blended so well into hyper-decor environment. military: take note.

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