Temple o doom

November 9, 2007



Masonic temple. That distribution of windows makes me curious.


3 Responses to “Temple o doom”

  1. matt mc Says:

    that is curious. what could be going on? were they crazy? probably there used to be another building adjoining this one, and then upon its demolition these random windows were cut. maybe?? but now it is absolutely perfect, so they were obviously on to something.

  2. imagineering Says:

    indeed! it is in glendale, ca, just off the 5. the address is 234 S. Brand Boulevard. one of those lost-looking-for-a-bathroom discoveries. i did some research on them initially and came across a page of freemasonry jokes which was truly ridiculous. unfortunately they seem to have realized that and have taken their jokes page off the interwebs.

  3. matt mc Says:

    did they have any jokes about those crazy windows?

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