In the news (literally)

January 27, 2008

Ztohoven: this Czech art collective spliced a mushroom cloud into a live television news broadcast. You can see the footage on youtube here. The Guardian reports that “the artists sent shock waves through the Czech Republic in June last year by splicing footage of [an] atomic explosion into a live panoramic shot of the Krkonose mountains, in north-east Bohemia.” And now they’re going to jail, for, in part, “penetrating public space.”


Newsbreakers: a multi-cell group of media activists who physically infliltrate local news TV broadcasts. One member of the team monitors the live TV programming, while speaking to other members of the team on-location via cell phone, directing them into and out of the live broadcast shot. They record video from the perspective of each member of the team, plus the TV footage, and post the compilation on their website. In my favorite clip, the “cheese ninja”, a Newsbreaker dressed as a ninja stands in the background behind a reporter while whizzing slices of processed cheese toward the camera. Original video here.



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