Marshmallow Cosmos

February 4, 2008


Marshmallow Cosmos is a replica freeway column mass-produced as a breakfast cereal. A series of high resolution photographs of supporting columns from underneath the I-280 freeway in San Francisco were offset printed, using the same process as standard cereal packaging.

The work is a re-branding of generic breakfast cereals. Types and flavors of enclosed cereal vary widely and the variety of cereal in each box is unmarked. (Yes, there is really a bag of cereal in there, and no, we can’t remember what kind. You can pick it up and give it a shake.)

Our attention is drawn to the blurring of word and image in the layered buildup of graffiti. On a cereal box we read for brands and logos, but in this “freeway” version we find instead a networked sprawl of animated text.

Marshmallow Cosmos documents the supporting columns of the I-280 freeway in San Francisco, California, and all graffiti and painting was done by artists who frequent that site. 10% of the sale price of each box is donated to SF Connect, a local charity. The work is printed in a limited edition of 1,000 and each box is individually signed, numbered and sealed.





For more information please see my website To purchase or inquire about the work, feel free to email me at kposehn at gmail dot com.

[pix by cindy and imagineering]


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