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Long time no blog

September 6, 2008

Long time no blog, because of this.

Amazingly, I still remember the login, so here we go again.

[above image: original advertisement from the Metropolis Chronicle, reproduced from a scan of microfilm, originally published in Metropolis, Nevada, USA, July 15, 1912. John B. Crapo was an assistant to the director of the Metropolis promotional campaign.]



June 30, 2008

This modification to a sign is something of a landmark on Nevada’s I-95.

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Dissociative labeling

June 29, 2008

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June 27, 2008

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The dream imagined

June 26, 2008

Sign for the still-in-progress residential development of Goldewijk, in Almere, The Netherlands. The tagline is indeed: The Dream Imagined.

Below, two dwellings from Goldewijk. I’m impressed to see that the Dutch have so fully embraced postmodernism in their quasi-suburbia; these two piles are just down the street from one another, practically neighbors.

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Electric public space

April 13, 2008

Almere, Netherlands.

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Appliqué variety

April 11, 2008

They’re building fast and thick in Leidsche Rijn, a new planned city for 80,000 residents outside of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Leidsche Rijn is just one part of the Dutch VINEX development plan: new cities to house the expanding population in locations that border the current major cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam.

The pictures above are from a promotional display for the ‘Ensemble’ neighborhood in the Leidsche Rijn Information Center.

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April 2, 2008


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Strip mall shopping..

March 17, 2008



From the “Stupid Prices Grocery Outlet” in Sacramento, CA.

[thanks to mike for the pix]

No city

March 15, 2008


Above: the sign that indicates that you’re leaving the city.

Below: the sign that indicates things you shouldn’t be doing, and, apparently, a situation in which your head could possibly fall off.


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Hope the beer isn’t midget also

March 6, 2008


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Off-white cubes

March 6, 2008



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Quietly disruptive

February 17, 2008


“Tagging is the quietly disruptive technology. Everybody tags. It is the most basic human urge to mark what we find. We do it with Folders in Windows. We do it online with Bookmarks. Specialist tag Microformats such as Hcard and Hcalendar add more structure and we are only at the very start of this wave.”

From 11 Things to Know About Semantic Web by Bernard Lunn

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February 16, 2008




Kind of into signs on the streets referencing the nets.

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February 13, 2008


Eindhoven, NL

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