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And the band played on

June 26, 2008

With that foot wedged up in there, resisting the drum kit’s urge to crowdsurf.

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Work it girl, liven up that public sculpture

May 11, 2008

Public sculpture with interpretive dance by Raquel Welch and some spacemen. The site is the Ruta de la Amistad sculpture project from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Watch the clip here.

[all pix screengrabs from the youtube clip]

The decorated can

April 11, 2008

Three different representational strategies, from a common Dutch practice. Images from Almere, The Netherlands.

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Miami under cover of darkness

December 11, 2007

Iggy Pop fans storm stage. The shirtless, ageless, go-go wonder is prancing at left during his concert on the beach for the opening of Art Basel.


We prepare for the next day with a run to Price Choice Food Markets.


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September 26, 2007



Against all odds, I attended a Justin Timberlake show last night. Wow, animatronic robots look so real! Their voices still need a little tweaking though. Yeah, it was a pretty amazing level of flat spectacle.

The funniest bit was the end when he sang a slow song and made a mushy speech, and then said to the assembled crowd of 16,000 “now wave your cellphones.” Big generational step from a sea of lighters. But it seems like getting 16,000 cellphones in a room and in the air at the same time should be able to produce something more than just a spangly user-generated lightshow.

Stopped at two

September 20, 2007



I fired off two shots at the Gordon Matta-Clark retrospective before getting the threatening cease-and-desist finger from the security staff. Kind of odd to see his practice enshrined this way. The museum as embalmer. His photographic exploits were way more lush than I remembered. There he is below, in a self-portrait performance that combined “recycling and body art,” and inspired that Lenny Kravitz opulent-dreads phase. His minimalist sensibility had a pop.


Top two images by imagineering
Bottom image from here

Abercrombie experience

April 22, 2007

Last week I was wandering the west end galleries, late in the day toward closing time and I was feeling a little whited-out. It was a surprise to hear slightly obscene animal noises and hollering at the otherwise sedate, uber-ultra-posh corner of Burlington Gardens and Saville Row. The new Abercrombie & Fitch store was in full swing: the “upscale casual” clothing line has stamped its London flagship experience store on a former Jil Sander neo-classical pile. I ventured in.

I don’t recall there being any flashy signage out front – instead, theatre. The door is flanked by greeters in matching A&F, who basically just hang around self-entertaining, framing the half-naked male model in the entrance (the source of animal sounds on my visit, egged on by the greeters). You can even get a free polaroid of yourself with the gang.

Inside it’s the attention-deficit ambiance of a top-flight casino: disorientation and dim, starry lighting, a maze-like layout with mirrors and a bracingly loud mix of songs you know covered by vocalists you can’t place. Really loud, like they must have had to sound-proof their walls for the neighbors. There was roughly one sales-person/model to every two customers, and the store was packed. But the staff was there for the show. Abercrombie is a teens and twenties disco inferno to Gap’s heavenly white ether-of-all-ages, and it’s not afraid to say so. It’s surprising to come across such a declarative marketing statement, so cleverly exclusive and precisely choreographed.




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Paris hilton is here to teach us

April 8, 2007

“What is important to grasp here is the strangely naive and ultimately perplexing point that appearance is power and that this is a function of the fact that appearance itself can acquire density and substance….”

“The fetish power of imagery in shrines and magic [and marketing?] is merely a heightened and prolonged instance of this tangibility of appearance…. Epistemologies of science bound to the notion that truth always lies behind (mere) appearance sadly miss this otherwise obvious point. Daily life, however, proceeds otherwise.”

The smashing quotes above are from Michael Taussig’s Mimesis and Alterity, emphasis and comment in brackets my addition.


Above, Paris Hilton with Paris Hilton lookalikes. Which/what is real?

[Images from here, here, here and here.]

Culture hopper

November 23, 2006

Following on the previous post, I’ve been poking through Olaf Breuning’s videos. There’s a great cowboy song in his video Home with the refrain, “He’s a culture hopper…” and the phrase is stuck in my head now. It reminds me of one of my favorite photography books, Culture is Everywhere. The book is the brainchild of design historian Victor Margolin. In a filing cabinet of his Art History department office, University of Chicago circa 1988, Margolin founded the Museum of Corntemporary Art.

Margolin’s collecting was inspired by the chance discovery of a cheap Greek souvenir bottle in a gutter. He writes of the initial thoughts evoked by this small plastic object: “What was so intriguing was the quality of the aesthetic moves that produced it. The ouzo bottle revealed a sincere desire to embed the majesty of Greek culture in a form that that could circulate widely and reach people from all walks of life.” The Museum’s unique collection is photographed in memorable installations by Patty Carroll.  See below: an international comparison of souvenir hats (top image) and souvenir shoes (bottom image).



Click it

November 17, 2006